Gottardo 3 S.r.l., which nowadays arrived at its fourth generation, utilizes advanced industrial technologies supported by the handcraft experience handed down from the founder to his children and grandchildren; reliability, honesty and, above all, carefulness to the client’s needs, remain, as they were back then, the guidelines of the commercial relationship.

We manufacture a large variety of items for the cleaning of the house and the industry: synthetic, animal and vegetal-bristle brooms, floor cleaning broom, laundry brushes, brushes for cleaning shoes and clothes, brush for body washing and wellness. Industrial handle brushes, brushes for tar spreading, car washing, brushes for the material dyeing industry, brushes and brooms for the food industry based on HACCP regulations, cheese producers, bread producers, metal-bristle brushes for shop floors.

We are specialists in the production of “green” articles, traditional items realized inserting natural fibers and bristles inside wood frames, dedicated to a particularly careful and demanding clientele.

We realize personalized products, based on the customer’s design, and we can fire stamp or pad print the customer’s logos. Furthermore, we fill with bristles both industrial and non-industrial frames.